Jai Mata Di, With Mata Rani Blessings Rakesh Khanna & Jagran Party once again performing in Australia. Join us in this wonderful event on 25th of March 2018 at Sri Durga Temple,Brisbane, Australia, Jai Mata Di



About Rakesh Khanna Ji

With Blessings of Mata Rani, Rakesh Khanna Ji started their devotional music career in 1985, and since that time, Rakesh Ji is sparing their every bit of energy in promoting Bhakti Sangeet Globally.

With their team of Devotional Musicians, Vocalists & Chorus Artists, Rakesh Ji conducts Mata Rani Jagran, Chowki & Bhajan Sandhya Programme Globally. By Mata Rani Grace, Rakesh Khanna & Party is a very well renowned name for devotional programmes globally.

Jai Mata Di
न तातो न माता न बन्धुर्न दाता न पुत्रो न पुत्री न भृत्यो न भर्ता । न जाया न विद्या न वृत्तिर्ममैव गतिस्त्वं गतिस्त्वं त्वमेका भवानि ॥१॥
Jai Mata Di