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Mata Ka Jagran

Mata Ka Jagran

A divine event with offering of fruits, coconut, prayers, roses, and bhent (cash and kind) brings all devotee and followers to observe goodwill in action and prayers to fulfill their wishes. When visiting the event, secure and of decorated lighting with music and special scent adorn idol of deities, offers positive faith of wishes fulfillment. Spiritual clarity and purpose are easily ascertained while problems and issues dissolve at her feet.

Devotee get elevated to have her presence while also getting true value of spiritual life together in a fast paced lifestyle. Leading life with achieving valued goals from spiritual and devotional aspects causes more peace and solace to enter. People attending event get inspired to visualize life's goals for better and motivated with popular appeal of deity Durgaji and Ganeshji. Blessings of kind favor and developing spiritual progress is sure to render the sorrow and sins of life to get washed away at devotional event. Many followers find event to have steadied their worries with lessening plight of life path to new direction. In small time of three to five hours of devotional event prayers and worship complete with offering of prasad and samapti for all present.

With this event is marked a special fervor and deep religious feelings that bestow devotee and followers of deity Durgaji holy traditional values. By enacting her stories as prayers and worshipping her devotion is of benign goodness leading to protection from evil and wisdom. There is both learning and entertaining at event. Devotional event such as the one where devotee offers prayers on fulfillment of mannat or wish, also instills disciplined effort in achieving spiritual goals, while providing peace and solace.